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Doodstream Review 2021 : $ 100 Daily website | Doodstream : Upload Video Earn Money Website 2021

Review of Website

I have never seen a Better Money Making Video Hosting Service other than

Can you imagine a service that gives more than 3 dollars for 1000 views?

There are platforms like as a trustable video hosting service.


They are not using a pay per view revenue model. 


You heard it right.

Doodstream gives income per view.

I know you will be excited to Register and generate a passive income. Before that You need to understand all information about doodstream and its money earning opportunities.




1. What is Doodstream?

2. Is Doodstream SAFE or SCAM?

3. Does Doodstream Pay? 

4. How Much Money can You make Per 10k Views? 

5. Payout Options.

6. How to REGISTER?

7. Doodstream Apk 

8. How to UPLOAD Videos?

9. How to UPLOAD Video FILE?

10. How to UPLOAD Videos From DOWNLOAD LINKS? ( Remote Upload )

11. How to PLAY / DOWNLOAD Videos From Doodstream?

12. How to Customize advertisements?

13. How to EARN MONEY?

14. Advantages and Limitations.

15. Customer Care and Support 



What is Doodstream?

Doodstream ( is a video hosting service that allows the uploader to make money up to 33 USD per 10k views.

They are also providing an api service.

How does make money?

There are two revenue sources for doodstream.

  1. Advertisements.
  2. Premium plan subscription service.


The Company uses Advertisements (Including adult advertisements) like do.

When the user (audience) clicks on a video link They need to see some advertisements before watching the video.

You, as an Uploader, Can Also reduce/disable these ads completely. You Have Control over advertisements shown on your video downloading page.

Premium subscription plan on Doodstream

Doodstream allows you to upload files and videos for free up to 50 GB. 

They also have a premium subscription for more storage space and speed.

A free service is more than enough for a normal user.

Tip: If you want More Storage space, You can use multiple emails for Signing up on


When I checked whois data, They are registered in 2020 January For three years. This alone says that the company has a plan to run up to 2023 for sure.

Like other money earning websites, There is no specific name or exact details available to the public. Maybe They are using a service to protect their identity.

This Never Means They are Scam.

There are domain owners who don't want to show their details because they just want to save the website from hacking.

There are websites like which put them in a High-risk category because of various reasons like anonymous payment methods, hidden whois data, etc.

I recommend Not to upload private videos. Upload entertainment and educational videos for your audience. You must treat as a money-making site.

I strongly recommend you upload it on YouTube to protect it from copyright.

Does Doodstream pay?

Yes. They pay money through PayPal and other money transfer methods.


If you want money fast and earn 50, 100 or 200 dollars (USD) per day, I would say can do that. I have friends and referrals who are making more than 200 dollars per day.

Let's Check How much you can earn from how many views.

As I said earlier, They are using a pay per view revenue model. It means the user doesn't need to click on the advertisements (Ads) to make you cash.

How Much Can You Make per 10k Views?

It depends on the country where your audience is located.

If your audience is clicking your video sharing link from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States offers you 33 dollars From 10k views.

If your audience is clicking your sharing a link from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden offers 22 dollars (USD) Per 10k clicks. 

If Your audience is from Austria, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland will credit a minimum of 11 dollars (USD) on Your account balance.

If Your audience is clicking your shared link from Belgium, India, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Singapore and the Slovak Republic You will get 7 dollars (USD) from 10 k views.

For Turkey, They are offering 1.5 dollars (USD) per 10k views Only.

If Your Audience country is not above, Don't worry. is offering 5 dollars (USD) per 10k views  For all Other Countries.

EARNINGS PAYOUT OPTIONS allows users to withdraw earnings through various payment methods.

The payment  methods are listed below:

  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Skrill
  • Capitalist
  • Payoneer
  • Bitcoin 
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • Ethereum

Fast payment methods are Paypal, WebMoney, Skrill and Capital. Payment through Payoneer and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum) is slow.


PayPal is a widely accepted payment method that allows international payments very fast.

According to, PayPal has more than 392 million active users all around the world.


Webmoney is an online payment settlement system that is very popular in Russia. 


Skrill is a digital wallet provider which allows you to make international payments.


This payment system is known for mass online transactions.


Payoneer Is the payment method that is used commonly in freelance platforms like Fiverr. They also offer fast international payments.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Payments

These are cryptocurrencies. Payments are transferred to your crypto wallet as cryptocurrencies.

I don't recommend you accept your payout as a cryptocurrency because the price of these digital currencies fluctuates a lot.


The first step to making Money on doodstream is to Register.

Step 1: Go to (I recommend searching on Google)


Click any doodstream referral link.

Step 2:

Click Menu (3 lines) and click the Sign-Up button.

Step 3:

Enter Your Email, username you want to use for your doodstream account and password (You need to enter two times for confirmation.) and click the "sign up" button.

They will email you a confirmation link or code.

Once your account is confirmed and activated you can start uploading videos and earn money.

DOODSTREAM APK doesn't have any official android and iPhone applications. But, You can find unofficial applications (Software) created by other developers.

I won't recommend you install such app files because they may harm your device by using malware. Installing APC files from unknown sources may cause hacking of your device.


You can upload videos on using two methods.

  • Uploading file Directly from Your Storage to doodstream account.

  • Remote Upload: Uploading from any external Url (Download links, streaming links.)


Step 1:

After Login Click the Menu bar (3 lines on the Right Side of the website).

You can find an option called 'Videos'. Click on the button. The below page will open.

Step 2:

Click the  "Upload" button and that will take you to your computer/device storage.

Step 3:

Select the file/Video you want to upload.

Click "Upload".

You can see a progress bar on the bottom of the doodstream uploading page.

Step 4:

After Completing uploading You can see the video name and a symbol of "an eye". (Means Users can watch the video.)

Long press on the name of the Video and click "Copy Link".

A link will be copied. You can paste this link anywhere. This Link will allow your audience to watch your video. The first part of the shareable link (Domain name) can be,, etc. This keeps changing.


Through 'Remote upload' You can upload video files by using a download link/streaming link.

Step 1:

Click Menu (3 lines on the top right side) and Click on Remote Upload.

Step 2:

You can see a new page now with space for links.

Paste You link on that box.

Click  "Add to Upload Queue".

Check the progress bar on the bottom of the page and wait to complete uploading.

Step 3:

Once Uploading is completed, Go to Videos and click on the Name of your video.

You can see some options now.

Click "copy link".

You can paste this link anywhere so that your audience can watch your video.


Learning how to upload videos on doodstream is not enough. You should also learn how to play these videos. Because you must educate your audience to play /download through these links. When your audience watches your videos you will get paid.

Step  1: Click on the link shared by the uploader (Or anyone).

Step 2: You can see the Video first. Click on the video to play. You may see some ads. Close those advertisements until the video plays.

Step 3: Click on the "Download" button in yellow colour. You may need to do this multiple times, ads will also pop up. You must close all the ads until you see a "Downloading" Notification. Downloads will be saved as your browser settings.

I suggest you use the Google Chrome internet browser for smoother downloading.


You get money when your audience clicks your link and watches/downloads the video you have uploaded. (I already discussed how to upload videos above.)

You will be paid per click.

There is also a referral program where you can earn a 10 % commission.

The best part of the website is You (The uploader) can decide the advertisements shown on your uploaded video. This will decide how much you earn.


It's really simple,

Go to settings (After login) and find the option "player ads Mods".

You can change hereto,

  • Low ads.
  • Little ads.
  • Medium ads.
  • Full ads.
  • Max ads.

Low Ads Option

You will not get any earnings if you selected this. Users can watch and download directly.

I won't recommend using this option. It's better to upload on youtube if you don't want to make money.

Little Ads Option

You will get 25 % of your earning potential. Your user will see one or two ads. 

Medium Ads Option

You can utilise 50 % of the earning potential here. Users will get more ads than the Little Ads option.

Full Ads Option

By selecting this option you will get More ads than the Medium Ads Option. You will get 75 % of your earning potential.

Max Ads Option

This is where You get maximum ads on your video. Your audience will get pop up ads and notification requests. This can be annoying to your audience, But makes a lot of money for you.

You must understand your audience psychology and demand or need for your video content. If the video is exclusive and valuable to your audience, They will not care about your ads. If they can get similar videos for free or less effort on the internet, They will choose the easier way. So, Think well and customize advertisements wisely.


Make Money on Telegram Using

Telegram is a great platform to make community and post your links created by doodstream. People are already making money from the website on telegram. The limitation of that website is they are not supported on iPhone mobile phones.

But can be used on iPhone mobile phones also.

This is an opportunity.

If you educate your audience on Telegram and put low advertisements, chances are you will be making a strong community on Telegram.

Give Free Courses and make money on

People love free info and education. Some people say "Everything is free on the internet. You just need to find it."

If you make a free course with multiple videos uploaded on and promote the course chances are you will be getting a lot of leads for your free course. Just give them what they want and You can make cash using doodstream advertisements.

This is a win-win situation. Right?

But, You need to understand the content is the king. You should have something valuable on your videos uploaded on

There are also a lot of ways to make money using Just think and make your strategy.



  • You can customize ads.

  • iPhone users can also play and download videos uploaded on doodstream.


  • There are limitations for a free account (Solution: make multiple accounts with different emails.)

  • Less SEO friendly website.


You can live chat on the website. You can find a live chat widget on the bottom of the website(Right side). official support email address:

For DMCA issues You can contact Them on this email:


Hope you understand everything you needed to know about in this Review. I have tried to cover topics including what is, how they make money, How you can earn money from the website, payout information, how to register, how to upload, how to use, etc.

If You have any doubts, Opinions, feedback about this blog you can comment below. I will reply as fast as possible.


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